General Dentistry

Dental cleanings​

Remove plaque, calculus and superficial extrinsic stains from teeth. This leaves your  teeth smooth and clean and also relieves gingival inflammation from gingivitis thus eliminating the bleeding on probing of gums.


They are required to restore function to fractured teeth or to teeth that structure has been lost due to decay. Tooth colored composite materials are used (with a few rare exceptions) to give the most aesthetic result.

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Achieved by the application of peroxide on teeth to remove intrinsic and extrinsic stain. Accomplished by one of two ways, chair side or at home. For the at home the patient can choose between having readymade trays or custom made trays. Caution is advised for 72 hours following application with food, drinks and smoking. Minor transient sensitivity may be observed.

Root canal treatment​

When a pulp (soft tissue within a root canal) becomes inflamed or infected, a root canal treatment is necessary to alleviate the pain and/or the infection. This could be due to decay or trauma or a crack or chip of the tooth. By removing and cleaning the root canal, the tooth may then be restored  pain free. 


It is a discipline that deals  with the oral and dental health of children and pre-adolescents. Services provided are fluoride treatments, sealants, fillings, pulpotomies, stainless steel crowns, extractions, space maintainers and early orthodontic treatment. For our young athletes, sports guards can be made to protect their developing smiles. For the uncooperative pediatric patient, General Anesthesia is offered.

Night guards/Sports guards​

A guard, whether used nocturnally or for sports, is a protective device. It can be hard or soft depending on the reason of usage. It helps to protect the teeth and gums from trauma or injury (grinding, clenching, trauma etc.)